Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The word game

Back when Drew first started reading, I thought that surely I was imagining it. That he had just memorized books and pictures. So I bought these flash cards without pictures to see if he really did know how to read the words. Sure enough he knew them, he has known most of them for quite a while now, but last night he wanted to play "the word game" as he calls it so I thought I should get it on video. He also has several books that he can read by himself now too! He knows all of the letter sounds and is really good at sounding out words too.

I love the fact that he truly LOVES letters, words, and reading. We don't push him at all. He is constantly trying to read new words and sound them out. We can't go anywhwere in public without him trying to read every sign. We can't walk past door mats in stores and restaurants without reading the door mat. You probably didn't realize that there are so many door mat's with store names on them, I didn't either until Drew started reading! We are always holding people up at entries because Drew has to read the door mat!

Here's a video of "the word game" last night. Excuse the sloppy editing, While the video is over a minute long, I still chopped out quite a bit so it wouldn't too long for you!

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