Saturday, June 28, 2008

Another one....

Ear infection that is. I decided to take Drew to the doctor on Friday and sure enough he has another ear infection. For some reason his fever has been a little rough the last couple days. Alternating tylenol and motrin every few hours and the fever still breaks through sometimes. Overall he is still really happy and very bouncy. He has had two days of antibiotics now so I am hoping that tomorrow will be a little better. Poor guy.

It's funny, while I don't take for granted the progress Drew has made, sometimes it is easy to forget where we were a few months ago. I say this because when Drew doesn't feel well, it seems to bring out some of the things that I have not seen in a while. He has been lining things up again, spinning, jumping all over the place, and tuning me out more than usual. He also only slept 4 hours last night, which we haven't seen in a while. He has been averaging an almost normal 10-11 hours plus a nap!

I also think that he hallucinates when his fever is so high. Mom says that I used to hallucinate when I had high fevers, so I guess it is possible. He talks about weird things and even about ghosts and monsters when his fever his high.

Friday, June 27, 2008

My silly boy...

What a whirlwind potty training has been. Some days he is great all day and only wears a pull up at night. Some days he even wears underwear for his nap. Somedays he asks for a pull up for nap time. Some days he even goes in public with underwear on and is fine. Sometimes he still has accidents and sometimes he has a lot of accidents at grandma's house. I guess he is too busy there. Sometimes we still use a timer at home. He still asks me to set it sometimes, which I think is funny. It is just part of the routine. After undies are put back on we set the timer.

We have been working on him putting his own underwear on. He could really do the whole process by himself if he could just get redressed by himself. Sometimes he puts them on inside out, sometimes backwards, sometimes inside out AND backwards, but we are getting there!

Yesterday was a funny day. After his nap he got up and was dry and after a while he went into the bathroom all on his own. I kind of just stood back across the hall and watched. He took his pull up off by himself. Looked at it a little funny and dumped the poop that was in it into the toilet all by himself and threw away the pull up. Then he got on the toilet and pooped some more! Afterwards he went and got some underwear and put them on. Then a little bit later he stopped what he was doing, looked up and said "it's time to potty" and took off running to the bathroom. I went to check on him and he said "had an accident". He didn't make it, but he still took his wet undies off and hopped up there. I was so proud of him. He then got another pair of underwear, and after about 15 minutes he took them off, went to the drawer, pulled out a pull up and put it on. He was done with potty training for the day.

Yesterday evening Drew also had a 102.2 fever and wasn't feeling well. So I hope he isn't coming down with something. He has been acting "off" for a few days now though, so I am concerned. This morning his fever was at 100.1 when I took his temp, but I think it was on its way up, but he has had his tylenol and is starting to be bouncy again.

This is a picture I took of Drew getting into trouble last week. He quietly snuck off with the peanut butter jar. He is really struggling being out of routine from school and has been really "pushing it" the last couple weeks. Normally if he wants peanut butter he gets the jar and two spoons and brings it to me. (He brings one spoon to 'share' with mommy) So anyways... He is even sitting here as I type this talking about the peanut butter saying "drew peanut butter no spoons trouble bad drew" I think I got the point across....

This same day he also got in trouble with the soap. He was just pumping it all over his hands. I guess he realized it was time to rinse it off and then started the water and there were suds EVERYWHERE! I will say though, if you have a child that does this, he has done it with both regular liquid soap and the foamy kind, and the foamy kind is MUCH easier to wash off.

....Drew cracks me up, he is sitting here trying to read as I type and just sounded out MUCH as MUKH. And now he just read Drew cak me up...guess I should stop now...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day at the Movies...

One of the great things about summer is FREE movies! I do love that about living here in the summer. Several of the local theaters offer free movies during the day on weekdays. They are usually movies that have come out within the last year or two and it is great! Last year we took Drew and his little friend S to see Curious George and Happy Feet, both of which they loved. We were surprised at how well they sat through the movie and really enjoyed it, especially considering they were just 2 1/2. Well surely at 3 1/2 they will love it just as much....right? Well, so we thought. We took them yesterday and we didn't make it all the way through before we had to go. (at least it was free). I must say though, I think it was just a poor movie choice, it was not a good movie for them and it did not keep their attention. So I do think we will try again another week with another movie.

I think the kiddos enjoyed the fountain out in front of the theater more than the movie itself! Here are some pictures. The boy in the middle of Drew and S is one of my friend's sons. It is funny to see that he is a year younger than those too...It's amazing how much they grow in a year! ...and yes that is my child to climb into the fountain....ugh....boys will be boys...

Monday, June 16, 2008

20 minutes at a time...

So we started potty training. Drew is wearing big boy undies. We set the timer for 20 minutes. Every 20 minutes the timer goes off and Drew drops everything he is doing and runs for the potty. What truly amazes me is that he can actually go every 20 minutes. He manages to get something out. I thought 20 minutes might be too close together, but he is actually going every 20 minutes. We have had a couple of accidents, but we are getting there! We have only used Pull Ups at night for a few days now!

Well there was another Pull Up used after Daddy was left alone with Drew and there was a stinky accident. Daddy put a Pull Up on Drew, I guess out of fear of it having to clean up another accident. But Drew did not have an accident in the Pull Up and when I got home it was back to undies!

Yesterday about 3 minutes before the timer went off he started saying "go potty" and running to the potty, and he actually went! Turns out he had started to dribble in his undies, felt it and realized what was happening! So I am thinking of lengthening the timer so he has to hold it longer and maybe will have to tell us when he has to go, since he is starting to get the concept. Right now he isn't having to tell us, because we give him plenty of opportunities.

....and because I am a mean mommy, here is a picture from the other day. He picked up Daddy's ESPN magazine while on the potty and he was covering up his boy parts so I decided that it isn't too embarassing....right?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oh Boy....Potty Training....

So I decided that once school was out it would be potty training boot camp. Well since he was kind of sick earlier in the week, I haven't really pushed it yet.

A couple days ago (before school was out), Drew decided that he didn't want to wear his Pull Up, that he wanted to wear undies. Well after going through 4 pairs of undies in about 20 minutes, he decided he wanted a Pull Up. The main problem being that he would start to go. Stop. Run to the potty. Wouldn't finish. New undies. Same thing. Over and Over until he finished the job on his bed and we had to wash the sheets before bedtime.

This afternoon he stripped all his clothes off including his Pull Up. He really just wanted to be naked, but I got him to pick out a pair of undies to wear. He wore them for a while and then wanted to be naked. So when I took Dea dog outside to go potty, I asked Drew if he wanted to go potty outside like Dea. He did not go pee-pee outside, but I did get a cute picture. :-)
I am really hopeful that since he wants to wear undies that this will be easy. We'll see how it goes! I think since the weather has been so hot, he really doesn't want to wear the Pull Up, so hopefully the hot weather is perfect potty training weather...I really don't want to buy another box of Pull Ups this summer!

Fun with Dea dog

Well, DEA dog came to stay with us again this week while grandma and grandpa went on vacation. They are coming back to get her tonight. Drew has had fun with her again this week. He has even figured out how to play basketball with her! We are so lucky that Dea is so gentle and careful with him. Here is a video of them playing together this week.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This one's for Cinnamon

also titled:

Drew and the Pig

Drew's pretend play skills are getting so good! I am constantly amazed at him. He would have never done something like this a few months ago.

Cinnamon gave Drew this pig the last time we were in Texas. The other day Drew found a wet wipe and started cleaning the pig.

If you watch carefully you will see: * DEA dog, *Daddy in his stockings, *the spot on the carpet that Drew took a green sharpie marker to one night while we were sleeping

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

He did it AGAIN

I should put a note on my calender to check the fridge settings a couple times a week. I should know better.

I opened up the freezer to get some ice cubes this evening. They were all kind of small and stuck together. I thought.. Hmmm... that is strange, then I looked down and popsicles were dripping all over the freezer. I have no idea how long it was turned off. But I know last night he had a popsicle that was completely frozen, so it couldn't have been too long.

This is not the first time this has happened. Last fall we thought the fridge had died and even went and bought another one. We realized before it was delivered that the setting was changed to zero and were able to get our money back. So at least this time I knew where to look....and who the culprit was.

So now I have to dump all of the food out of the fridge and freezer when Drew goes to bed. I am waiting until he is in bed because I am afraid that he will want the food that I am pulling out.


Friday, June 6, 2008

Daddy's first day...

Daddy's first day back to work...
Tony went back to work yesterday for the first time in quite a while. He has been out on disability due to his legs and then his surgery. He was in good spirits yesterday and was happy to get back in the swing of things. He said his legs were a little sore but his feet felt awesome!

The doctor said his legs would stay sore for a couple weeks, but he should be fine to work. His ultrasound came back AOK, with no blook clots and everything looking just as it should. His legs were a little swollen yesterday, but he was standing on them for a lot longer than he has been in a long time, not to mention the tenderness from the surgery.

We are so thankful that the surgery worked out so well and hope he continues to feel great!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cookie Monster Strikes Again

While one batch of the cookies were in the oven, I was loading the dishwasher. Next thing I know I see Drew tip toeing out of the kitchen. I turn around and look at the cookie sheet. One of the cookies was of the raw uncooked cookies! I told him to put it back. He whined a little, and slowly walked back to the stove. He acted like he was going to put it back on the cookie sheet and bam, shoved the whole thing in his mouth.

Here are some pictures of Drew "patiently" waiting for the cookies to be done cooking. I especially like the last one! I couldn't get him to look at the camera, he was too interested in the cookies in the oven.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Growth Spurt

Seriously, if Drew isn't going through a growth spurt, then I don't know what the deal is.

He comes to me every 1-2 hours and says
"I hungry"
"me want a popsicle"
"want a cereal bar"
"want dinner"

sometimes he says these things while signing "eat" or "hungry"

Yesterday he ate 2 bowls of cereal at random times of the day, 2 cereal bars, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a hot dog, applesauce, most of his dinner (chicken, etc.), 3 popsicles, and some other random snacks.

...and today was pretty much the same way

Most days Drew is a breakfast eater. He may eat three small breakfasts before lunch and then barely eat anything the rest of the day. He loves breakfast foods: pancakes, eggs, cereal, etc.

I wonder how tall he will be by the end of the summer

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