Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wednesday at the Fair

Wednesday at the Fair was Kids Day and full of great activities for the little ones. I didn't do such a good job taking pictures today, but here are a few.

Kids Day also means $1 Ride Day! Drew was able to ride the carousel with Daddy. He had such a good time riding his zebra!

Drew exceeded the 42" minimum to ride rides by himself! Can you believe it! He is such a big boy! He rode this car ride 3 times Wednesday. He had such a big smile on his face the whole time he was "driving!"

Riding the Helicopter with Aunt Alyssa. He told her every time the went "up" and "down"

We spent some time at the fair in the evening with Tony's Dad. Apparently I didn't take any pictures (bad mommy), but I must say that Grandpa is a sucker! He carried Drew around and let him drink his pop. He just can't say no to our little sweetie! :-)

After the Fair we headed to Great Grandma's House to stay for a couple nights. He loved walking through the backyard and checking out the flowers with Grandma!

Checking out the Goose on the back porch at Great Grandma's House. He talked to the goose (honk honk) and tried to ride it.

Checking out the Golf Ball in the Gator's mouth under the bench.
(just a statue....don't panic)

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