Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Handsome Fella!

Well, it was time for another hair cut. Let's just say, poor Drew has to feel A LOT better! I knew he needed a haircut but didn't realize how "fluffy" it had gotten. I took Drew back to Big Leage Cuts, which is where I took him last time. They have TV screens at every station and they are GREAT with kids. They change the television to Noggin or something appropriate and it has gone so well both times we have gone there. The worst part is always just getting that cape around his neck! Drew even loves waiting there. He loves to read the numbers on all of the chairs, which are actual stadium seats.
I used to always cut Drew's hair myself, but it usually takes more than one day to finish the cut because he is so antsy. If I have a few extra bucks it sure is easier to just have it done in one quick sitting and it be GOOD. Maybe when he can sit still a little better and not freak out by the sound of my cheap clippers, then I can cut it again, but for now....I will stick with this place!
Oh - and by the way, it is a men's place, but they told me that they cut little girl's hair too...

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