Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Monday at the Fair

Monday, Drew got to spend part of the day at the fair with my friend Bethany's boys. The boys are so close in age and make great playmates. We walked through most of the animal barns. I say MOST. I did not walk through the pig barn. I have always had a fear of that barn....I don't know why. Bethany stepped up and took Drew through and he even fed a pig an animal cracker! My boy is so brave!

This year the fair had a tiger show. We never had a chance to see the actual show, but the boys had fun watching the tigers exercise and stroll around in between shows.

Drew LOVED "milking" this cow. Of course he really studied it and had to figure out how it worked, but he thought it was so neat!

Checking out the sheep.

Drew loved petting the baby chicks

Toddler Driving School - This was such a blast! We were lucky that there wasn't a huge crowd and Drew was able to play on the course for a while. I was SO PROUD of him! He stayed on the "road" so well, followed the signs and watched out for oncoming traffic. They even gave him a little "drivers license" certificate.

A little boy's wonderland.... Taking an evening stroll through the tractors with his popcorn and a sucker.

Finished off the day by watching Uncle Matt pitch horseshoes. Drew loved watching right from the fence.

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