Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mommy Made It

It started with this pirate outfit. Last week, I made Drew this pair of shorts and appliqued the shirt while he was taking his nap. He has worn it 3 times this week. I think mainly because it was a little big and he can put it on himself, plus he likes to count all of the pirates and stars. If it was dirty he would go dig it out of the dirty clothes and put it on anyways.
This week I made him this backpack. He had one backpack that I had made about 2 years ago, but he LOVED this fabric when it came in, so I thought he needed a new bag. He has hardly taken it off all week.

I had some extra fabric from the bag and the lining so I thought I could make him shorts and a shirt from it. I appliqued trucks from the truck fabric on pockets on the back and side of the shorts. He loves his Truck Shorts and Truck Shirt!
I have decided that I should really make him some more shorts and matching shirts while he will still wear them! It is hard enough to sew for boys and he won't want mommy made clothes forever!


Courtney said...

So adorable, Kelly! I love them!

My mom just finished a dress for Julianna this morning and Julianna doesn't want to wear it because she thinks it still has pins in it where my mom kept trying it on her for sizing while she was sewing. :)

Bethany said...

I love the outfits, Kelly! Super cute and super creative! Should we be expecting a new line of Daisy Layne kids fashions?!?! :-)

Tiff said...

LOVE it!! Little Monkey keeps talking about Drew's Tractor Shirt!

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