Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thursday at the Fair

We didn't spend too long at the fair on Thursday. We spent part of the day with Grandma and saw a little bit of the tractor pull, but after watching a few tractors, Drew was more interested in reading all of the seat numbers on the bleachers, so we headed for a last lunch at the fair and a quick walk around before we headed back for naps.

Walking to the fair with Grandma and Daddy.

Before bedtime, Drew went on a stroll through the backyard with Grandma and Great Grandma. He found a golf ball in the backyard with the letter J on it.

Hugs to Grandma.

Drew heading to check out the pelican (statue).
Drew was very intrigued with Great Grandma's hiding place for her gardening tools!

One of Drew's favorite things about staying at Great Grandma's House was picking little tomatoes every night! That boy LOVES tomatoes!

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