Saturday, July 26, 2008

Stop Wording!

Well, we made it home. We had to leave a little earlier than planned to get home to watch DEA dog. But we had a great trip! We even brought Aunt Alyssa back with us, so I am sure we will have a great time this week!

I do apologize that we didn't get to see everyone. It was a busy week and we didn't stay in town the whole time so it was hard to get around to everyone.

As usual, it was a long ride home, but Drew watched a few movies and slept just a Little bit.

When Drew wants quiet, sometimes he says "Stop singing!" Of course with his southern accent, he says 'stop sangin'. Yes, my boy has a southern accent, not so sure how, but he does. It's kind of funny sometimes.

On the car ride home, apparently Daddy was talking too much and Drew held his hand out and said "STOP WORDING!" It was so funny and he was so serious. We decided he meant Stop Talking.

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Tiff said...

Just wanted to let you know that you have been given an award. Stop by my blog to see it!

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