Saturday, April 25, 2009

Warm Spring/Summer? Day - Washing the Car

We have suddenly been hit with upper 80 temps this Spring. It feels like Summer!
My Friday goal was to figure out how to disassemble Drew's carseat and clean it, clean the infant carseat, and get them both re-installed. I had tried to take Drew's booster/car seat contraption apart before to wash the cover and just couldn't figure it out (so it was WELL overdue for a cleaning!). While I was wrangling with the carseat, my sweet neighbor who works at the police department came over offering to help me install the seats. I told her I would love her help.... once I figured out how to take them apart!

I eventually got it apart and threw the covers in the washing machine and Drew cleaned all of the bases and plastic pieces. I was so thankful that he was there to do all of the scrubbing and rinsing! While Drew was busy scrubbing I was able to work on getting the car cleaned out.

While I was busy vacuuming the car, and the car seats were drying in the sun, Drew found other things to wash. He had a great time playing in the water!

Finally, I closed the car doors and he was able to wash the car!

Of course, only a small amount of the car got washed, but by the next day it was covered in yellow pollen again.... an ongoing battle this time of year.

While he scrubbed the car, I was able to get the carseats reassembled (shew!) and installed!
.... one more thing checked off of the "get ready for baby sister" checklist!

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