Monday, April 20, 2009

Mommy's Birthday 2009

Sunday we talked about how my birthday was tomorrow (Monday) and Drew and I made cupcakes. All seemed good.
Drew got up today and was so excited! He remembered it was my birthday and told me Happy Birthday over and over. He went into the kitchen and his first reaction was.... "where's the cake?" We had cupcakes, but apparently that wasn't good enough. He wanted cake, candles, and balloons. Those are apparently the proper ingredients for a birthday.
We had a great day, Grandma came over, took me to lunch, picked up Drew from school, we went shopping, and of course, Grandma let Drew get a cake and candles for me for my birthday!
Come on folks.... it's time for cake

Drew said I was 2, therefore needed 2 candles.... who am I to argue with that....

Clapping after he sang me Happy Birthday and blew out the candles for me.

Apparently, Drew will be making sure we celebrate birthday's for us for a few years!

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