Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt/Scramble - Farmers Market 2009

We headed out to the Farmers Market for the 2nd year in a row for their Easter Egg Hunt. I really think they should call it a scramble though. It is really brutal. They rope off a big area, dump a bunch of eggs in and then kids run in and get as many eggs as they can. The real hunt comes in when you try to find your child after the eggs are picked up!

It really seemed like there wasn't as many eggs this year, or maybe there was more kids, or maybe it was just total chaos! Drew only got about 5 eggs, but I think it was a little better than last year even though he got fewer eggs. Last year he was in the 2-3 year old division and they were allowed a "helper" in that division. I think it was a little more fair in the 4-6 year old division without helpers. It was still chaos though! Drew did seem to understand the concept this year though and he had a blast!

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