Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Drew came across my old "kid sister" doll (you know, the girl version of the "my buddy" doll) that I often use as a sample in my slings at craft shows. He put her in baby sister's crib and she stayed there for a few days.

When Drew woke up yesterday morning he came out to the living room carrying "baby May". (May as in the month the baby is coming). He informed me that she needed her diaper changed, so we went and got a diaper and I let him pick out clothes for her. We got her dressed and he decided she needed a bottle. I gave him a bottle and at first he was resistant because he said that there was no milk in it! He eventually climbed up in the chair and pretended to feed "baby May" a bottle and burp her!

He then decided she needed a nap and put her down in the crib.

After school he was playing with her. I didn't catch all of his "conversation" but I heard him say that she needed to go to "time out". He sat her in the corner and there she sat for the night!

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