Thursday, April 9, 2009

Playing Catch Up

I was able to get my computer to work for more than 5 minutes last night so I quickly uploaded pictures from the last month or so. My laptop is on its last leg and will randomly shut off at any given time right now. It is very possible that I won't make it through this post without it dying on me. It only seems to work on random days, when the moon is aligned just right.... or something like that.

So a quick update:
Drew -
Drew is doing well. He is 100% daytime potty trained and we are so proud, if we could just convince him that he doesn't need to change his underwear every time he went to the bathroom, then it would be even better, but progress, people!

He has decided that holding a crayon, marker, etc isn't the end of the world and has drawn us a few pictures and written several words, all willingly and without screaming.

School is going okay, class is bigger than ever, and they have added another assistant teacher. He has his good days and bad days. He has a problem yelling at kids for not doing things the way that he wants them to, but he seems to be getting over crying everytime someone else cries, and is starting to share and interact with friends on occassion.

He seems to understand that Baby Sister's arrival is coming soon and is being a big helper. We have tried to really include him in helping get ready and he is really excited. He will look at a calender and knows that she is coming in May and will tell you that is when she is coming.

Tony is doing well, he is enjoying his new store and his health is doing really well. He has adjusted well to his insulin pump and has even put back on a few pounds!

Well, I am doing fine. C-section date is set for May 26. We are hoping to make it that far. The baby dropped significantly a couple weeks ago and I have had some contractions as well as some other pre-term risk factors. When I was pregnant with Drew I was on bedrest for the last three months. Luckily the doctors haven't put me on bedrest yet and if I can make it another 3-4 weeks then I will be able to escape bedrest altogether. The doctors are watching me every week now though. I am trying to take it easy on days that seem a little rough, with lots of braxton hicks, regular contractions, swelling, fatigue, etc and not push myself too much to try to avoid bedrest as well as preterm labor! I am taking it one week at a time right now. Next appointment is next Thursday so we will see what that day brings!

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Sarah's Make-up said...

wow Kelly! I didn't know you were expecting! Congrats! Glad to hear Drew is doing so well!

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