Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Time for an EEG ....egg?

So Drew had an EEG scheduled for 1:00pm today. He was supposed to wake up early and stay awake until his test. I was so scared that this EEG was going to be a total nightmare. I could just see him pulling all of the wires off of his head and screaming and throwing a fit, I could only imagine what this was going to be like. Turns out it was nothing of the sort.

Drew woke up on his own at 3am this morning. Strange since he has actually been sleeping normal hours lately, but we didn't fight it since he was supposed to get up early. He was so tired on the way to the hospital that we had to really work to keep him awake. We tried to talk to him about the EEG, which he was slightly confused but still convinced it spelled "egg" but yet he knew that egg had 2 g's. We talked about them putting the wires on his head and how we "Don't touch the wires", which he would repeat in a sing-songy voice. Luckily the hospital is pretty close to our house and he managed to stay awake until we got there. We had the sweetest tech. She was so patient and really worked with us to keep him happy. Drew immediately climbed up on the bed and was analyzing the wires (but not touching them) and saying "Don't touch the wires" (while shaking his finger). I climbed up on the bed with him and the tech gave Drew a mirror so he could watch what she was doing to his head and one of the water soluble pencils that they mark his head with. She let him draw all over the white hospital sheets on the bed with the pencil since it would wash right out. After getting all of the wires attached to his head, she began wrapping his head to keep the wires in place and he actually got to the point where he could barely hold his eyes open. Within 2 minutes of being prepped he was asleep! We were so excited, he is Supposed to be asleep for the majority of the test and that could have taken forever!

Of course then they wanted us to wake him up after 25 minutes and then do the whole flashing light in the eyes thing. (He was not happy about the waking up, or the flashing lights!) I had Tony hold on to him, because even though I don't have problems with flashing lights with my epilepsy, it still makes me nervous.

It will probably be 1-2 weeks before we have the results from the test.

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