Thursday, May 29, 2008


We have a houseguest and Drew is SO SO excited! Her name is DEA (we call her Dee). DEA is Grandma and Grandpa's black lab. Since they were going out of town, they dropped her off to stay with us for a while. (DEA was a police dog that was rescued, thus the name)

Drew was SO excited the first couple nights. He would not go to bed because he wanted to play with her. Drew read books to DEA, played with her, and did not want to leave her side. When it was time to go to bed, Drew dragged her dog bed into his room and put it beside his bed.

Do you notice that he has a plate out for each of them. Each plate had one banana and one apple. What a good job of playing, sharing, and pretend play! (even if it is with a dog!) He is even trying to share his Thomas blanket with DEA - How Sweet!

The next morning this is what I found in DEA's bowl. I guess Drew was trying to help!

Drew is having a blast with DEA. They are such a good pair. DEA has always been very protective of Drew since Drew was born. When they are outside together she is very aware of where Drew is and if he goes to far. In the house she comes to get us if Drew seems the slightest bit upset. She is so tolerant of him trying to ride him like a horse, laying on him, and playing with him. When they play ball she even drops the ball for him and never jumps for the ball until he throws it for her.
.....and NO..... I am not getting a dog for Drew. He can visit DEA whenever he wants.
(I know, I am a mean mommy)


Tiff said...

Drew is such a sweetheart!! I love that he is so helpful with DEA!

Josh & Katie said...

I love it Kelly! Especially Drew feeding Dea fake food! Precious!!

Renee said...

it is way too sweet that he was trying to share his food w/her. seems like he's come a long way w/his pretend play.

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