Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Household Health Update

They treated Drew for a UTI and the culture came back that it was in fact a kidney infection. Hopefully the antibiotics cleared it up. Yesterday he went in for a renal ultrasound and a VCUG. He said that the ultrasound was "so gooey" and watched the pictures of his kidneys on the screen. The VCUG, well well that was pretty traumatic, but he (we) made it through. It involved a catheter, dye, and x-rays....not fun.

We are waiting to go back to the urologist to know the details but the initial report was that yesterday's tests went well. So that is good news.

Other than that Drew has been doing well. No more episodes of not breathing. He is now sleeping in his own bed again. The doctor is trying to convince me that it was all probably a result of his bad infection and to just keep an eye on him.

He has started eating a ton again. His infection must have been part of the reason for all of the weight loss. He stepped on the scale yesterday and was back up to 39. He should be back over the 40 mark soon (at the rate he is going!)

He has also started sleeping remarkably well (without meds) which also makes me wonder how much of it was the infection. At the same time though it has gotten nicer out and he is spending more time outside running and playing and getting more melatonin from the sun. But whatever the reason....I am NOT complaining! The other night he fell asleep at 5pm (after a rough day of playing with grandpa all day!), when he didn't get up at 7pm I thought for sure he would be up at 2 or 3, but no! he slept until 5:30 the next morning! 12 HOURS!! unheard of in this house!

Tony is still having problem with his legs. He is scheduled for surgery on May 28th. So hopefully that will do the trick for him.

I have been doing fine, just ready for everyone to be well.

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