Sunday, May 25, 2008

Let's go Take a Bath....and.....POTTY

Okay so I realize by the title it sounds like he is going potty in the bath, he's not, just hang in there...

Yesterday we were at Grandma and Grandpa's and since it was getting late I was afraid he would fall alseep on the way home so I wanted to get him in his pajamas. He had been playing outside and really needed a bath so I told him he needed to take a bath. He got up from what he was doing and said "Go Take A Bath" and ran to the bathroom. Before I caught up with him he already had his Pull Up off and was climbing on the toilet. I decided to stay back in case he would stop if I got to close. Next thing I know I can hear the PEE in the POTTY!!!

I cannot believe that he went in there, took his Pull Up off by himself, climbed on by himself, and actually Pee'd! Usually any of those steps cause lots of screaming and crying.


So as he was sitting in the bathtub splashing around I reached over to pick up his Pull Up to put it in the trash (he missed that step)(NOT COMPLAINING THOUGH!!!) There was Poopy in the Pull Up! I can't believe that he Pooped in the pull up then took it off and pee'd in the toilet.

My goal for the summer is to have him as close to fully potty trained at least during the day by the end of the summer. Maybe he is finally getting ready! At his three year check up the doc said with him it was more important to push communication than potty training. We still try to push him to use the potty whenever we change him, at least make him sit on the potty, but he never ASKS to go.

Wish us luck!


Tiff said...

YAY Drew!!! Good Job Bud!!! Little Monkey is clapping for you!!!!

Renee said...

that's awesome!!!

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