Monday, September 14, 2009

Transportation Museum

My friend, Bethany's husband was in Charlotte on business, so I met Bethany half way to spend the day with her and her boys. Halfway happened to be at the transportation museum! What little boy doesn't love a trip filled with trains, planes and automobiles!
This was an attempt to get a picture of the boys on the bench with the word "good" as to say "good boys" I took 5 or 6 pictures and they all turned out to be variations of this one, each boy doing their own thing, way to excited to sit still for a picture!

This was a fabric train! I had to get a picture of Drew on this train car.

Jillian enjoying her time in the stroller, watching the boys run around.

Drew flying the pretend flight simulator.

My kids standing in front of an antique firetruck display. Look at Jillian. She is staring at Drew. Drew is her favorite person and she watches his every move!

On the caboose!

We had such a great time at the transportation museum. We followed it up with lunch and a quick trip to Dan Nicholas Park to play on the playground! We had a great time with our friends!

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