Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Drew Cake

Lately Drew has been more likely to eat some foods if they are arranged in a special way or spell out something. Sometimes I will cut his sandwich in the shape of a letter or make a face with his dinner foods. Pancakes are one of Drew's favorite foods, so they do not need anything special to entice him to eat them, but I couldn't resist surprising him one day recently.
Drew ate the D, and I said "Drew, what happened to your Drew cake, it's a Rew cake now!" He looked at me, picked up the R, ate it and said "NO Mommy, It's an EW cake!!" After eating the 'ew' only the heart was left and he said "look mommy, it's a love cake"
Needless to say, I have made 'Drew cakes' several times in the last couple weeks. It has become a new favorite.
(and yes, he eats them without syrup..... he only gets syrup when he asks, and usually only with his grandparents! I am such a mean mommy!)

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