Saturday, September 12, 2009

Go Green Lions! Drew's First Soccer Game

Drew in his spiffy Green jersey getting ready for his first soccer game!
3 and 4 year olds playing soccer is HILARIOUS! They have no concept of which goal is theirs, out of bounds, or how to play defense. The kids took turns playing goalie and he would get mad when they would run passed him out of bounds instead of trying to kick the ball towards him in the goal. The kids would be so excited about kicking the ball, they forgot about the goal! They don't keep score, but I don't think anyone scored anyways.
They play 4 quarters at 6 minutes each. Drew wasn't quite sure the first half and didn't want to play very much. One time he actually got the ball and was kicking it towards his goal very slowly and no one was trying to steal it from him! He was doing so good! One quarter he played goalie and daddy stayed close to help him focus.

The game was really guided with the coaches and referee on the field trying to help the kids go the right direction, stay focused, and have fun!

Enjoying his post game gatorade!

After the game, we stopped by Burger King for a bite to eat.

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