Thursday, September 11, 2008

The thing about change....

We see regression at certain times, primarily when Drew is getting sick, but also when he is understimulated, overstimulated, extremely tired, when there is a lot of change and a little bit sometimes when he is going through a growth spurt. When he is going through regression we see him having tantrums, screaming, not using his words, spinning in circles, hitting his head, lining things up more than usual, tipping his head to one side, and he makes a constant humming type noise. We see his OCD kick into overdrive where he likes things 'just so' and gets VERY upset when things don't go exactly as he plans.

It's also important to remember that just ONE YEAR ago, Drew was not talking at all except for a few random words. He did not know how to communicate at all and would basically tackle any one that took anything from him. One year ago his favorite activity was taking all of the cans out of the pantry and lining them up in the kitchen floor. His progress in the last year has been amazing. He now has some pretend play skills, can request things, has a HUGE vocabulary, will share (usually) and take turns (usually), and he can even read.

(picture from last Winter - Drew loves the snug feeling of being in the cube)

The problem comes with the changes in the school system's Pre-K program this year. Basically it boils down to a class with 12-13 kids (last year I think there averaged about 5 in the class on a given day). Drew does not do well in large groups. He does best in structured activities in small groups. He can handle other children as long as it is structered and guided. Drew has been regressing since school started. He did so well last year, but I think with the smaller class size he was getting more attention and guidance. Yes, he needs to learn to be independent, but he needs the skills and guidance to know how. He still needs someone right there to know what to say when someone takes something from him, or what to do when he uses his words and asks to play with something and the kid says no.

It is so sad to see Drew this way. His teacher thought he might be getting sick, I guess because that is the only time she has seen him regress before. I even took him to the doctor yesterday to have them check his ears, urine, etc. Turns out he is 100% healthy. Nothing physically wrong. He got his flu mist while he was there, and the pediatrician recommended that we add a probiotic like Culturelle to his daily regimin which includes a multi-vitamin, magnesium, and two mega doses of fish oil.

Drew's teacher says he is not getting along with his classmates. Doesn't want them being around him, and screams when they are playing with what he wants to play with. I know this is frustrating for her because she didn't see this side of him last year in such a small class. But this is who he is, he has autism, he has problems with social skills, this is what he needs help with. We are just hoping that the school year only gets better or we find a better solution.

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