Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Daddy and Mommy update

As many of you know, Tony has had his ups and down this last year with his health. He has had stomach problems pretty much every week since November of last year. Over the last few weeks Tony has had more appiontments and testing done to try to figure out what is wrong. On Friday, he went in for an endoscopy. He now has to take 2 medications for his stomach to see if it helps. Hopefully over the next few weeks he will be feeling 100 times better!

Tony has also started seeing a new endocrinologist for his diabetes. Tony has not had a typical case of diabetes and was originally diagnosed as type 2, and then 1 1/2, and now 1. He was only diagnosed with diabetes in the last few years. The confusing diagnosis often made it hard for diabetes educators to help him and keep it under control. This new doctor is awesome. We had to wait a long time to get into him and he doesn't usually take new patients. It has been really great to basically "start over" with care. This doctor was really proactive in helping Tony figure out what is wrong with his stomach and thinks that his diagnosis last winter was wrong. He has also been proactive in getting Tony an insulin pump. We have received the pump, but Tony has to wait for his appointment next week to learn how to use it. Not only is this new doctor awesome, but the diabetes educator is a Registered Pharmacist and that makes Tony happy.

Tony was also pulled out of his Walgreens store in March to open a new store that just kept being pushed back. Great News! This week he has been in the new store getting it ready! It has still been pushed back another week, but construction is finishing up and hopefully they will start stocking product in the next couple weeks.

In August started babysitting a few days a week to try to get a little cash. Between the rising prices and all the medical bills, we really needed it. It isn't a lot of money, but it helps with the gas and food. I babysit a little boy who is 15 months old. He is an absolute sweetheart and such a good boy. Drew and him get along 90% of the time and play really well together.

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