Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's in his eyes....

Well, with all of this wonky weather that we have had lately, all of our allergies have been going crazy. Poor Drew has had incredibly itchy, red eyes. His eyes were very red and swollen for a couple days, but didn't have the gunk or pinkness of pink eye yet and I was convinced it was just bad allergies. I decided to keep him home from school yesterday just in case, besides the fact that he would have just been miserable with how puffy his eyes were.

Well, I took him to the doc just in case, and sure enough by his 3pm appointment he started getting the pink eye gunk in his eyes. So he now has to have the antibiotic eye drops for pink eye put in his eyes, four times a day. Four times a day, you would think that we could have a better way to cure pink eye than pinning down a small child four times per day! The part that cracks me up is that the directions say to keep eyes closed for 1-2 minutes after putting drops in....yeah, right..... After the 4th dose I was able to hold his hands to keep him from rubbing his eyes and ask him to close his eyes and count to 30 with him, but that was as far as he could get. But the good news is that his eyes aren't nearly as red today.

The doc is having us give him Zyrtec every morning now. It should help him keep from getting pink eye over and over this season since he rubs and itches his eyes so much from his allergies. I guess any germs and viruses that he rubs in his eyes can cause pink eye.

On another note, he is to stay out of school for 48 hours. That would have him going back to school on Friday. Friday he has no school because of a teacher workshop, so Drew has a mini vacation.

Only a few more days until my boys eyes are back to normal!

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Tiff said...

Wow they really were puffy! Poor Drew. Hope your having fun having him home for a few days!

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