Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oh Boy....Potty Training....

So I decided that once school was out it would be potty training boot camp. Well since he was kind of sick earlier in the week, I haven't really pushed it yet.

A couple days ago (before school was out), Drew decided that he didn't want to wear his Pull Up, that he wanted to wear undies. Well after going through 4 pairs of undies in about 20 minutes, he decided he wanted a Pull Up. The main problem being that he would start to go. Stop. Run to the potty. Wouldn't finish. New undies. Same thing. Over and Over until he finished the job on his bed and we had to wash the sheets before bedtime.

This afternoon he stripped all his clothes off including his Pull Up. He really just wanted to be naked, but I got him to pick out a pair of undies to wear. He wore them for a while and then wanted to be naked. So when I took Dea dog outside to go potty, I asked Drew if he wanted to go potty outside like Dea. He did not go pee-pee outside, but I did get a cute picture. :-)
I am really hopeful that since he wants to wear undies that this will be easy. We'll see how it goes! I think since the weather has been so hot, he really doesn't want to wear the Pull Up, so hopefully the hot weather is perfect potty training weather...I really don't want to buy another box of Pull Ups this summer!


matt said...

would you put clothes on my nephew.....seriously

Tiff said...

LOL I'm seriously thinking of letting Little Monkey run around naked for a few days and see if that jump starts the potty training! That picture is priceless. You can blackmail him when he's older!!

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