Friday, June 27, 2008

My silly boy...

What a whirlwind potty training has been. Some days he is great all day and only wears a pull up at night. Some days he even wears underwear for his nap. Somedays he asks for a pull up for nap time. Some days he even goes in public with underwear on and is fine. Sometimes he still has accidents and sometimes he has a lot of accidents at grandma's house. I guess he is too busy there. Sometimes we still use a timer at home. He still asks me to set it sometimes, which I think is funny. It is just part of the routine. After undies are put back on we set the timer.

We have been working on him putting his own underwear on. He could really do the whole process by himself if he could just get redressed by himself. Sometimes he puts them on inside out, sometimes backwards, sometimes inside out AND backwards, but we are getting there!

Yesterday was a funny day. After his nap he got up and was dry and after a while he went into the bathroom all on his own. I kind of just stood back across the hall and watched. He took his pull up off by himself. Looked at it a little funny and dumped the poop that was in it into the toilet all by himself and threw away the pull up. Then he got on the toilet and pooped some more! Afterwards he went and got some underwear and put them on. Then a little bit later he stopped what he was doing, looked up and said "it's time to potty" and took off running to the bathroom. I went to check on him and he said "had an accident". He didn't make it, but he still took his wet undies off and hopped up there. I was so proud of him. He then got another pair of underwear, and after about 15 minutes he took them off, went to the drawer, pulled out a pull up and put it on. He was done with potty training for the day.

Yesterday evening Drew also had a 102.2 fever and wasn't feeling well. So I hope he isn't coming down with something. He has been acting "off" for a few days now though, so I am concerned. This morning his fever was at 100.1 when I took his temp, but I think it was on its way up, but he has had his tylenol and is starting to be bouncy again.

This is a picture I took of Drew getting into trouble last week. He quietly snuck off with the peanut butter jar. He is really struggling being out of routine from school and has been really "pushing it" the last couple weeks. Normally if he wants peanut butter he gets the jar and two spoons and brings it to me. (He brings one spoon to 'share' with mommy) So anyways... He is even sitting here as I type this talking about the peanut butter saying "drew peanut butter no spoons trouble bad drew" I think I got the point across....

This same day he also got in trouble with the soap. He was just pumping it all over his hands. I guess he realized it was time to rinse it off and then started the water and there were suds EVERYWHERE! I will say though, if you have a child that does this, he has done it with both regular liquid soap and the foamy kind, and the foamy kind is MUCH easier to wash off.

....Drew cracks me up, he is sitting here trying to read as I type and just sounded out MUCH as MUKH. And now he just read Drew cak me up...guess I should stop now...

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