Monday, June 16, 2008

20 minutes at a time...

So we started potty training. Drew is wearing big boy undies. We set the timer for 20 minutes. Every 20 minutes the timer goes off and Drew drops everything he is doing and runs for the potty. What truly amazes me is that he can actually go every 20 minutes. He manages to get something out. I thought 20 minutes might be too close together, but he is actually going every 20 minutes. We have had a couple of accidents, but we are getting there! We have only used Pull Ups at night for a few days now!

Well there was another Pull Up used after Daddy was left alone with Drew and there was a stinky accident. Daddy put a Pull Up on Drew, I guess out of fear of it having to clean up another accident. But Drew did not have an accident in the Pull Up and when I got home it was back to undies!

Yesterday about 3 minutes before the timer went off he started saying "go potty" and running to the potty, and he actually went! Turns out he had started to dribble in his undies, felt it and realized what was happening! So I am thinking of lengthening the timer so he has to hold it longer and maybe will have to tell us when he has to go, since he is starting to get the concept. Right now he isn't having to tell us, because we give him plenty of opportunities.

....and because I am a mean mommy, here is a picture from the other day. He picked up Daddy's ESPN magazine while on the potty and he was covering up his boy parts so I decided that it isn't too embarassing....right?


Tiff said...

Yay Drew!!! Little Monkey went naked today but all it seemed to do is make him withdrawl. He did not talk most of the morning and would twirl his helicopter. We cried and begged me for a pull up. But he did not have one accident all morning but he didn't pee in the toiliet either. I have a feeling his pullup will be full when he wakes up.

Tiff said...

Oh Yeah! I forgot to mention. . . I tagged you for a meme!

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