Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Fun at the Farmer's Market

I love our Farmer's Market.  Not only is it open year round, 7 days a week and is an awesome place to get fresh fruits and veggies, but they also have great family activities.  Today they had an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids.  Well it's not really much of a "hunt"  They basically had an area roped off and threw a ton of Easter eggs out on the ground and kids swarmed the area to fill their baskets.  

Here is a picture of Drew playing in one of the bouncy houses while waiting for the 2-3 year old egg hunt, one of him at the hunt, and one of him checking out his eggs.


Grandma joined us today at the Farmer's Market while Grandpa was working.  (sshhhh.... today was Grandma's Birthday!)   After the egg hunt we went shopping for some yummy veggies!  Drew is such a big helper!


This was the first year we have colored Easter eggs with Drew.  Surprisingly, it went really well!  He had a lot of fun and didn't break a single egg! 


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