Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What I love....

From a post in my mommy's group's message board:

Normally I wake up around 1 am or 3 am with Drew sitting on top of me banging on my head saying Wake Up Monny, Wake up Monny. Well this morning, he quietly crawled into our bed at 6:01, pushed his forehead against mine and gave me eskimo kisses! Then he got under the covers and cuddled for about 20 minutes. What a way to wake up! I just love him so much!

So with Valentine's Day coming up, I thought I could talk about what I love about my kid....

I Love:
* That even though Drew doesn't say "I Love You", he finds ways to show me that he does
* When in shopping carts, Drew loves asking for Big Hugs
* Living in a Spelling bee at all times (Drew is overly enthusiastic about letters and words)
* The way Drew tries to "teach" me sign language by folding my fingers
* The way he likes everything just so and in order, but hates baskets and boxes being full
* When Drew runs away from me he says "come back here"
* The way he stands behind me in the chair when I sew and hugs my back
* The way he looks at his Daddy when he comes home from work
* ...and so much more

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