Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Autism Workshop

Today I went to a workshop for parents of newly diagnosed children with autism.  I learned a lot.  I met one couple that take their daughter to a DAN doctor, which was really interesting.  I wish I had money to try some of these things, but for now I just work with Drew as much as I can with what I already know.  I did find out about different case managment and funding options which I need to look into.  

One thing I never thought about was the importance of notifying local emergency departments about a child with autism being in your home.  So your house will be flagged.  For example if there was a fire, they would know that Drew may not respond to them calling his name and may run from them.

I have also come to the conclusion that Drew needs a weighted blanket.  I am thinking that it might help a lot with his sleep issues.  Maybe not, but I really think it is worth a shot.  Some times the only way I can get him to sleep is to hold him tight and i used to have to put him in the sling for him to go to sleep.  He likes to be held tight and secure and the blanket might help give him a sense of security.  

I really wish he would have had an OT evaluation.  The Occupational Therapist at his school doesn't do sensory integration therapy, which is what  he would need, so I will have to look into other options outside of the school system.  Sensory issues were never addressed with Drew and the more I read the more issues I see.

I need to start making a list of questions and things to take to the developmental pediatrician in March. 

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