Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Social Bug

Once a week, I take Jillian to Mommy and Me.

I get some good Mommy time to talk to adults and she gets her time to be social with her friends! She loves mommy and me and talking to and playing with her friends!

This is often how she greets the other babies! Here let me touch your cheeks.... I guess she is used to that!

This picture just cracks me up so I had to add it in too! It looks like she is about to knock out this little girl. She was actually just really excited and I got her in between smiles and squeels! :-)

Cute picture of big brother after school!

Pictures with brother

She sits up really well on her own, but sometimes when I walk away I prop up two boppy pillows behind her, this way if she falls back a little, she can still get herself back up and I don't worry about her knockin her noggin on the floor!

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