Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First Snow of 2009

Maybe Blizzard is stretching it a bit, but the way the Southerners deal with snow is a little bit different than up North.
Note: The amount of snow on the grass....we got less than an inch.
School was called off for the day. Everyone ran out to wipe the grocery store shelves of milk and bread, in preparation for being snowed in.

I took Drew out to play in it. You never know here, this may be all we get for the year, so we have to enjoy it while we can! The place with the most accumulation was the patio table.
Drew was a little in shock at how cold the snow was.

"Mommy it's cold and icky!"


He decided to taste it,said it was yummy, but didn't try any more...

Maybe it is more fun to just look at the snow.

Drew saw a few flakes of snow falling and tried to catch them with his tongue.
Even though we have lived here for so long it still amazes me the way everything shuts down when snow is in the forecast. I understand that the people here do not know how to drive in snow and do not have the supplies to deal with it, but it is funny to me to have a snow day for less than an inch of snow. I was at the grocery store on Monday afternoon and they had a big display of sleds. People were buying them left and right, and yes I saw people trying to sled in this snow.
In the end Drew decided it was more fun to "pretend" to make snow balls and throw them because it was definitely less cold and wet! We did enjoy our day of being "snowed in."


Amber said...

hahah Kelly I love that he's all bundled with such a light dusting :) You know you miss that white stuff.. you know, the stuff that's 2 foot deep all over our yard!

Tiff said...

Alex would not touch the snow. To him it was gross. LOL

T n T - K n K said...

Hi Kelly, Hope your computer is better. Your little guys is too adorable. What a blessing he is! Thanks for sharing your blog "spot" with me.

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