Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Drew had his Fall Party at school on Wednesday and since his costume wasn't ready yet and the other costume that he owns was a little big for school, I gave him a couple options. You would have thought he would have chosen the construction guy complete with hat and tools, but no..... he chose Daddy. So we pinned up one of Daddy's work shirts, grabbed one of Daddy's ties and some of Drew's khaki pants and there you have it!

Drew was SO PROUD to be Daddy. When asked what his costume was he said "I Daddy"

Drew wanted nothing to do with a new costume for Friday, he insisted that "I Daddy" So we continued with the Walgreen Store Manager costume again on Friday night!

We went to an AWESOME Halloween gathering at a friend's house last night complete with roasting hot dogs, marshmallows and lots of play time outside. We then went trick or treating in their neighborhood and we had the absolute best time!

Trick or Treating with Daddy! This was the first year that Drew had a concept of what was going on. He had a blast getting candy and hanging out with his friends!


Amber said...

How cute!!!

Matt said...

Drew that is the SCARIEST costume I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!

Just kidding thats pretty cute, hope my son wants to be like me one day.

Uncle Matt

Tiff said...

What a cute picture of the three of you! I love it!

Josh 'n Katie said...

loved the costume Kelly! It did give me a startle when I walked in though. . . haha!
waiting to hear how Wed went. . .

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