Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Archery 101 - It's TIME

For those of you that have known me, my whole life, this post will NOT surprise you. For the rest of you, yes, my father is teaching my son to shoot a bow and arrow at 3 years old. Because yes, by 5 years old he should be out hunting with Grandpa.....right? Well, maybe not, but you better bet there is some tromping around in the woods with Grandpa in the near future!
This weekend, Grandpa decided it was TIME. Time to teach Drew to shoot a bow. Grandpa has been saving this old recurve bow since Matt and I outgrew it many years ago, just for this occasion. He had been holding off because he thought that he didn't have a big enough target, but he dug out the old bow and a few little arrows and headed outside anyways!
Here Drew is mastering the one finger above, two fingers below technique. When Grandpa got out his bow later, Drew proceeded to repeat, "two fingers below" to Grandpa to remind him how to pull it back. Only problem is Grandpa uses a release, not his fingers, but Drew reminded him anyways.

Next time they will work more on positioning of his arms and drawback. Clearly it is a little off, but they were more concerned about keeping the arrow on the string and proper finger position.
I love this one. Drew's eyes are all squinty after he let go of the string. He was so intense!

LOOK! He hit the target! No need to worry about the size of the target!


Amber said...

And so it begins!!! They look like they had the time of their lives.

Tiff said...

It may surprise you but I did quite a bit of archery when i was a teen!I love the squinty eyes. That is too funny!

UNCLE M A T T ! ! ! ! said...

Pretty soon Drew you will be out shooting grandpa....trust me it won't take much!!! haha

Way to go old timer about time you start sharing all that knowledge. Let me know when Drew wants to shoot instinctively.

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