Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Zoo Trip with Aunt Alyssa

Drew had a great time with Aunt Alyssa this week. Of course, I'm sure Alyssa was ready to get home to sleep in without Drew running around like a wild man at 6 am, and screaming "wake up lazy beans." Poor Alyssa, it's a good thing she isn't a light sleeper! ....and Alyssa, he tells anyone who is sleeping, 'wake up lazy beans' so it isn't just you. He seems to get a kick out of waking us up in the morning by saying that. Drew is such a morning person.

Alyssa and Drew got plenty of bonding time over the last week or so. Drew loved cuddling up with Aunt Alyssa and playing computer games at night. Alyssa quickly realized, that Drew really DOES know how to read, as he would recite her IM's back to her as she typed to her friends. Nothing slips by him.
Alyssa got some great vacation time, relaxing, going to movies, shopping, shopping, more shopping, and having lots of fun with Drew!
We packed up the car and headed to the zoo on one day of her trip. It was super hot, but we had lots of fun. After the zoo, we headed to the pool to cool off. Here are a few pictures from the zoo.
We had a great time having you here Alyssa! Hopefully we can do it again next year!

Aunt Alyssa helping Drew onto the Elephant Statue.

Drew driving the helicopter

Alyssa taking a break in the misting tree.

Drew hatching out of the eggs.

Alyssa and Drew talking about the monkey.

Alyssa took this picture of Drew and me. We hardly ever see pictures of me and Drew, because I am always the one taking them!

Thanks for visiting Alyssa! We had a great time!!!!

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