Sunday, April 27, 2008

All day at the pediatrician....and then some...

I'm not kidding. So Friday morning Drew climbed into bed with me (should have been my first clue that something was wrong). After an hour he was laying there crying and said "I HURT, I SCARED" and just kept saying that over and over. I realized then that he had a fever of 101.0. My child likes to be "hurt" so for him to say that I know that he really didn't feel well (he likes to bang his head and body into the wall - he likes that sensory stuff)

So we went to the doc Friday morning. It took 3 nurses to get a blood sample for the blood count test, then the machine went bizurk and they had to take another sample. Drew was screaming and screaming and screaming and would not be consoled. I ended taking him outside and the doctor actually came out there to talk to me.

They then wanted a urine sample, well we tried, it didn't work out so well. So they decide to "bag him" where they basically have this adhesive bag they put over his little man parts and then wait for him to pee. Well then it was lunch time, so they told us to go get some lunch and to come back in an hour and hopefully he will have peed by then.

So he peed, it leaked out of the bag all over his car seat, but there was still some to test. His urine test came back awful and she needed a clean catch sample to test to send to the lab. So we walked around the doctors office for 2 1/2 hours, bare butted, and a sippy cup waiting for the pee to come. We spent some time in the room reading books but that didn't last long, so she told us to walk around and just catch it when he decided to go. We tried to go in the bathroom so many times and that didn't work. He would just scream that it hurt. (oh and in the meantime, realized that his tylenol had worn off and he now had a fever of 104.0)

He refused to drink, gatorade or water so I asked if anyone had a coke, I KNEW that he would drink that (my mom gives him that when he's sick and we never have a problem getting him to drink it!). So he did drink that. Ended up peeing on the carpet but I caught some! All the staff screamed and clapped. Talk about a Pee Pee Dance!

So, they are worried that he has a kidney infection, but won't have the results until Monday, but gave him antibiotics anyways, because regardless he is really sick and has some sort of infection. The bad thing is that he just got off of antibiotics for his ear infection and she basically said that since he still has this problem that it means it is probably something that is going to be hard to treat and get rid of so she gave us stronger antibiotics. 

on to Friday night.......
I got up at 4:44 to check on Drew and see if he needed more motrin for his fever.   Well as I turned on the hall light so I could see into his room, I stood at the door and watched him sleep, I looked for his breathing.  (I do this on a normal day, I am just paranoid like that).  Anyways, I couldn't see his chest moving.  I ran to his bed, put my hand on his chest, I still couldn't Feel him breathe!  I shook him, nothing, shook him again, yelled his name and he started breathing again and wiggled around a little.  I sat there for 5 minutes before I called the night nurse trying to convince myself that I surely just missed the breathing that it was just really light, but I couldn't convince myself.  So I called the nurse, she called the doctor and basically they decided that since he was breathing normally again to just wait and bring him into the office in the morning, unless he did it again.  

So we took him to the doctor on Saturday morning.  They checked his blood count again, only took 2 nurses and one try this time.  Levels came back fine.  They then sent us to the children's hospital (it is really close to our house) to run more tests.  They did a chest x-ray and checked him out, but overall he was doing well.  They are most concerned if he is having seizures, especially with my epilepsy.  If he stops breathing for more than 20 seconds they will assume apnea,, and want us to sleep near or with him for the next few days.  They want to do an EEG, but want to wait 2 weeks, because I guess with his current fever/infection they are afraid that there will definitely be seizure activity and they won't know if it is because of the infection/fever or because of a seizure disorder/epilepsy.  

So for the second night in a row, Drew is laying in bed next to me.  He is tossing and turning a lot, but when he is moving around I don't worry as much.  

Tomorrow we should hear back about the urine culture and find out more about his infection and treatment. 

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