Thursday, January 3, 2008

First Day of School

Drew started Pre-K today.  My little boy is growing up.  He didn't seem to mind me leaving him there today so that made it easier. 

I am such a bad mom.  The teachers probably think I am a total slacker.  Drew does not have a winter coat and it was freezing out this morning.  I normally just layer him up and put a hat and mittens on, not to mention by the time I have him out during the day it is a lot warmer than it is at 8am.   So we don't normally need one.   The poor kid needs a backpack too.  They have to have one that is big enough to fit a folder in it.  He has a couple small backpacks but you would have to fold the folder to fit in. 

Off to buy a coat and a back pack..... Now where to find them this time of year...

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