Monday, December 24, 2007

3 year check up

Drew had his 3 year check up today.  As usual he was in the upper 90's (percentile) as far as height and weight.   He was 40 inches and 40 pounds.  Big boy.  They tried to check his vision, which didn't go over to well.  He did NOT like covering one eye.  They also tried to take his blood pressure, but he wouldn't stay still enough.  Every time he moved the cuff got tighter and then he just would get upset and move some more.  The doc said he looked perfectly healthy and was very impressed with his progress.  

They said to focus more on working with his speech and communication and not worry so much about potty training.  

I was a little irritated, because I told them about switching his milk and how he was doing so much better now with his speech and major stims, and they seemed to be excited about that.  They even said that it sounded like he might have some lactose intolerance based on his change in symptoms with his tummy.  The kicker is that they wouldn't write a note for school.  At school they give them milk with their snack and won't substitute without a doctor's note.  They said that since he hadn't been tested, that the note would read a "suspected lactose intolerance" and the school wouldn't accept that. 

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