Friday, October 26, 2007

An Alligator!!

Drew has started watching Signing Time DVD's and is learning SO much!  I had tried to teach him the basic signs awhile back, ones like: more, eat, drink, ball.  I had such a  hard time getting him to look at me that I gave up.  His therapist told me to do it with him hand over hand and my neighbor suggested the Signing Time DVD's (which she let me borrow-YEA!).  

He is spontaneously signing a few words, of course nothing functional.  Helicopter for one....  Bat for another.... What is so cute is that he knows the sign for signing and if he doesn't know the sign he just does that sign. 

Today Drew caught a glimpse of his shadow and started doing the sign for alligator and watching his shadow and was screaming ALLIGATOR, ALLIGATOR!  Silly boy. 

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